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A Message From The Founder

Since July is my birth month I wanted to "Pay It Forward" as my gift to the homeless community. The purpose of Project 730 is to promote empathy, love, and selflessness in hopes that Project 730 will become contagious and aid to end homelessness in a community that has given so much to me, my home town Atlanta, GA. Our goal is to first collect donations, hopefully, the amount doubling each year depending on the success rate of the year before. 

We will use the donations to buy non- perishable foods and hygiene products to make care packages to hand out on July 30th - August 1st, to the homeless youth and adults, and or people in need of them, that we`d come in contact within the streets of Atlanta and other surrounding cities and counties. We including people who would like to volunteer or friends and family that want to join( If you are interested in volunteering for this project and or would like to know more information please feel free to contact me. All of the donations collected through this go fund me page and or in-person for this project, will ALL go toward the care packages and prepare for the event. Please give what's in your heart to give as all donations are appreciated in any amount. 


July 16, 2018 



​In February 2020, Taris passed from complications of a fatal car accident, and although she is no longer here, her legacy of helping people Will live on.  


Your Contribution Makes a World of Difference!

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