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About Project730

For centuries we have been made to believe that to live a fulfilling life, one must have fame and fortune. We were sold the idea that true happiness could only be attached to a dollar sign. For Taris, it was evident at a young age that the measure of happiness is how we live our lives selflessly for the greater good and well being of others.

From the young age of three, Taris’ wisdom charmed her loved ones. She began reading at the age of three and her inquisitive nature led her to love creating and inventing things. Her mother vividly recalls a business Taris started as a child called, “The Lotionizer”—Taris’ blended concoction of lotion and hand sanitizer! Even at a young age, her hands were the key to innovation and changing the hearts of others. One fond recollection of her kindred spirit is when she prayed for a stranger on an elevator without being prompted or pushed. This fondness for spreading love did not end as she progressed in age.

In 2017, Taris birthed Project 730. With the belief that compassion and charity should exist within our hearts beyond a moment or just a day, she committed to giving back her entire birthday month (July). She believed that paying it forward on a day that is historically celebrated by the act of receiving, was more important. Determined to deliver food and basic care items to as many homeless people as possible, she was unstoppable. By garnering support from family, friends, and her network, Project 730 was able to serve more than imagined. The traction around the initiative grew, and the impact was immeasurable.

In 2020, Taris transitioned from her earthly home after a tragic car accident. While her presence is irreplaceable, her footprint is forever engraved in the hearts of loved ones and the people she served. It is she who proved that living is not only about the life you lead, but the legacy you leave. To date, Project 730 has served thousands people in need and is committed to furthering the initiative until everyone, everywhere knows the power of just one simple act of kindness.

Your Contribution Makes a World of Difference!

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